Father, Can I Be Honest?

Father, can I be honest? I am tired of waiting! Waiting is hard, painful, exhausting. But I know that learning to wait well is a beautiful, sanctifying, hope-giving thing. So help me wait well. Help me cling to you as I wait. Please Daddy, let your peace rule in my heart. Help me live by your grace each day of this waiting. And help me bring you glory as I wait expectantly. 

Father, I humble myself before You and admit that as big as my problems might seem to me, they are small compared to Your goodness and Your power. I give them to You right now. I put them in Your hands and will not worry about them anymore. I trust that You are taking care of them because You care for me. I know that in due time, I’m going to come out on top of this thing.

You in me overcomes all opposition. I will press through this and possess the place you have for me. I will get unstuck! I am moving out of the ditch.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Praying for you in your season of waiting!



P.S. Join us as we celebrate Women's Month in March!  We are looking forward to celebrating our God-given femininity all month!

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