When the extraordinary compassion of God our Savior and His overpowering love suddenly appeared in person, as the brightness of a dawning day. Titus 3:4 (TPT)

God will go out of His way to get our attention and reveal Himself to us in unmistakable ways in our daily lives. God delights in showing us He isn’t bound by the physical realm — after all He is the creator of everything. I was thinking about Jesus walking on the water. Walking is a basic thing that we all do everyday without thinking. We get up take one step forward then other… it really in itself is nothing extraordinary. But throw water in the mix and the ordinary act of walking turns into an extraordinary miracle.

But what makes it extraordinary? The circumstances!

Peter stepped outside the bounds of the physical realm for a couple steps. That is a couple steps more than any of us have ever taken. In that moment Peter captured the vision of the extraordinary when he was outside of the confines of the physical realm because for a moment he was not consumed by the circumstances he was consumed by the vision. . . reaching Jesus!

God gives us the ability to have extraordinary vision outside the physical. But . . . He does not expect us to do the extraordinary without Him! He is at work behind the scenes making sure we have what we need as He is busy enlarging our vision. However, the moment we take our eyes off Him and put our focus on the circumstances we begin to sink.

Are you stuck in your “walking on the water” vision by looking at the circumstances instead of the Creator?

Do you need God to show up outside the physical realm realign your thought processes to get you refocused on Him so He can do the extraordinary?

Marriage, family, health, career changes, total overhaul, whatever . . . God is standing there with His extraordinary compassion and overpowering love waiting for you to walk on water as He works out all the details on the path to YOUR extraordinary.




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