What is an Encounter?

Meeting with someone unexpectedly, a significant experience that can come as a surprise. God wants us to encounter Him, not just learn about Him and His Ways, but have an experience with Him.

An encounter with God changes everything. It is where we are transformed from fearful to fearless, hopeless to hope-filled, from timid to bold and courageous, from living the mundane “ same old- same old” to being on fire with passion and awakened to the new possibilities of each day.

There are countless stories of people who had encounters with God that changed the course of their lives and even history. Moses and His burning bush encounter, Jacob’s ladder to heaven while on a camping trip, Paul’s blinding encounter on the road to Damascus, and the unnamed women who encountered The Healer through the touching of His Robe. The list goes on and on and well into into present day encounters. God encounters are personal and varied in how they come for each individual.

We are in desperate need for God to break through and into our lives. We can’t make anything happen but what we can do is posture our hearts to receive and ask for God to meet us when we do. 

I declare over you that 2020 will be a year where you encounter God on a regular basis. Let this year become one where Heaven’s atmosphere invades your every day space and transforms your heart, your home, your life!

Joining You In Dreaming, With Great Expectations!

Vicki (aka Queen V)


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