Declaration and Prayer

In Jesus' Name, I declare that joy will be part of your DNA no matter the circumstances, no matter the report, no matter the situation, no matter what your bank account says, no matter who is in your social circles, no matter what is happening with your health or the health of your family members, no matter what is happening in your family, no matter your job (or lack thereof), no matter your emotional state, no matter your relationship status, no matter what! I declare you will come out of this season feeling more joyous than you have ever felt before     . . . I declare this over you in Jesus' Name! 

Praying and declaring over you today that you will have a breakthrough with childlike faith to know that you are the daughter of the Lord in whom He delights. That it becomes more than just something that you say but also something you believe and live out. Praying and declaring that imagination will be awakened, jumpstarted to be an every day way to experience Heaven here on earth. That it becomes the personal portal to shift atmosphere in your heart, home, workplace and wherever the Lord takes you throughout the day. Dreams will arise, hope will arise, miracles will be before your eyes and part of your testimony. I declare dark days are over and the new will be your portion. May peace and joy be the overflow of your being. May you be the little girl in whom the Lord delights. Let innocence be restored and love lead your way. 


©2021 Sisters of the Crown/Kansas City

An Outreach of Radius Ministries, Inc.