Dear Father . . . My Love Letter

Dear Father,

You are my first thought when I wake in the morning and my last thought before I sleep, you are my everything. I call upon your name all day long, sometimes a loud resounding JESUS as I’m so filled with your spirit in worship, or a fervent Jesus, in moments of distress, or my favorite, a sweet whisper, Jesus as I’m standing in awe of the beauty you created, especially your majestic sunsets! Some days I feel as if you’ve made them just for me, like a kiss from God!

I am in complete awe of your splendor and how abundantly you have blessed me. You hear my prayers and you answer them, you care about the little things as much as the big things. You tell me to dream, to dream as big as the ocean because your dreams for me are bigger than my own. Even as I’m writing this it brings tears to my eyes, you love me so much that you want to bless me with your dreams for me.

You have brought me through difficult times victoriously, loving me and encouraging me along the way, giving me your mighty strength to rise above situations that seemed impossible in the moment. You have welcomed me with open arms into our special place, I imagined you saying come daughter, rest here with me for awhile. Oh how I’ve loved this place, so lovely, so sweet, so pure.

I know this journey we have been on together has just begun. This sweet time together has been preparing me for what is to come. I know that you want me to be fierce and to wield toughness for your Glory Father, you said so. I declare in this new season that I WILL be fierce, I WILL take risks and act on inklings, not fearing the result, trusting that seeds will be planted for your glory Father. I will move from Glory to Glory continually changing to become all that you’ve created me to be Father.

In this season of Thanksgiving and gratitude I just want to say that I love you Father with my whole heart and I thank you Father for loving me so perfectly.


Mary Summers