Every Coronation is appointed by God. This day was in His heart from the very beginning, before time began. He set things in motion, in Heaven and upon the earth, for this very day to happen. When we accept our invitation and arrive on this particular day, at this specific time, it is for a reason… it is not an accident.

Recently, we had a Coronation on June 6. It happened to be D-Day. This was no accident either. That morning, as I was preparing for the event ahead, God invited me to be still. He wanted me to hear what He had to say about this particular day and how it related to this Coronation and also EVERY CORONATION.

June 6 is D-Day.  This historic day commemorates the day the allied forces landed in Normandy, France, beginning a huge and strategic operation to liberate Western Europe from the control and tyranny of Nazi Germany. D-Day was and is a day on which an important and specific operation takes place, an appointed time, a targeted moment for a change to begin, to take effect. As the troops were heading into battle, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower gave the orders, and with them he declared, "We will accept nothing less than full victory!”

Every Coronation is a D-Day, and also a commemoration of what Jesus has done for us!

Jesus Had His D-Day. He had a D-Day for you, for me, and for a generation yet to be born. He was and remains our Great Allied Force, and on that Day, on Calvary, His D-Day, He was Heaven invading earth. A huge and strategic operation took place, to liberate us from the tyranny of the Evil One, and to secure our freedom. Jesus paid dearly to defeat all of our enemies. He was crucified, dead and buried, only to defeat death by going into hell and conquering Death, the Enemy of our Hearts, the Great Deceiver, the Stealer of our Joy, and every thing that stands against our knowing our true identity, our worth and value, our purpose and calling, and our authority as Image Bearers, as Royal Daughters.

He was, and is, the Strategic Plan to liberate us from the shackles and bondage, from the lies, from the shame, and from the Great Tormentor of our Souls. Jesus accomplished His mission. He sacrificed His life for the mission. You and I were worth it! After securing our Freedom, willing to “accept nothing less than full victory,” He rose from the dead as the Resurrected Victor, and now lives to make intercession for us as we take back what was ours and occupy our land. There are still squatters we need to kick out, enemies that want to come back in and steal our inheritance and gain legal access to all that is meant for us. We must stand strong, knowing what is rightfully ours, not let them back in, and we must fight together for those around us (become the Allied Forces for one another), so that we can ALL KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHOSE WE ARE!

Let us declare, "We will accept nothing less than full victory,” proclaim that JESUS HAD A D-DAY, for US, and our enemies are under our feet, lies no longer have power over us, shame has no power, we are no longer victims or prisoners of war.

We have been set free!!!

Victoria Sandage


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