Celebrating the Women in Our Lives

Celebrating the Women in Our Lives

A woman of Influence is a force of nature. Her gifts and talents have the ability to leave others speechless. She has the power to shift atmospheres through deed, prayer, and action. She does not wield her influence as a means of manipulation or control.  She never tries to gain a selfish advantage. Thoughts of others occupy her mind more than thoughts of self. She knows the most important moments in her day are spent on her knees. With grace, she handles the tidal waves of life. Her heart reflects what is in her core. She smiles when things are rough knowing God is in full control. She has joy in the hard seasons because it is medicinal to her soul. She weeps with those whose pain is unbearable. Then she gives the pain to God knowing the burden is not hers to carry. She dances when no one is watching because it moves the Father’s heart. She fights for what is right and stands up to the injustice in this world. She knows her full authority over this earth and she uses her powerful voice. She is a nurturer to her biological and spiritual families. She gives selflessly but she knows the value of self-care. She grieves when she experiences loss and finds strength in the middle. She creates from deep in her soul. Her actions speak louder than any words could adequately express. She gives someone her coat then offers her scarf and gloves. She never counts the cost no matter what it costs her. She is self-controlled in her emotions. Every time, without question. When she needs help, she is not too proud to ask. She is always aware and ready with a kind word or deed in the moment. She is eloquent and speaks from her heart. She uses correction when warranted but always shrouded in love. She is a powerful voice for the voiceless, the marginalized, and the bullied. She will go out of her way to make your day. She knows the power of a kiss or a hug can heal the broken spirit. She is unique. She is original. She is purely female and not ashamed of who God created her to be. She has nothing to prove to this world and is not swayed by public opinion. Her value is not based on what others think because she knows her identity. She deserves your respect because she is giving everything she’s got and that is more than enough for the only One who matters. For all of the brave, strong, selfless women . . .  Keep up the fight. You are making a bigger difference than you will ever know. We honor and celebrate you this week! Warmly, Ingrid


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