Crowned As Royalty

Crowned (v) to place a crown or garland upon the head of; to honor or reward; invest with honor, highest point of complete worthiness (having adequate or great merit, character, or value; worthy. Spiritual meaning: "Crown represents the Divine Nature of Christ Jesus.  We are given crowns to partake of the Divine Nature of Jesus in season in our lives and when we learn of Him through personal discipleship of the Holy Spirit to grow from faith to faith and glory to glory." The ceremony of receiving a crown has everything to do with the Holy Spirit revealing truths about your lives.  The real truth.  Not falsehoods that have become our version of the truth.  We all know that when we asked Jesus to become our Lord and Savior and fully submitted our lives to Him we became instant royalty.   We do not have to wait for someone to succeed the throne to be the next in line in the royal lineage.  We immediately move right to the top and take our rightful place in our Father’s court.

But sometimes knowing this truth and receiving it as part of our DNA takes a little soul journey.  The definition of "crowned" means worthy.  Knowing in our heart and believing in our mind that we are valuable and have great worth can be a struggle for many of us.  Life works overtime to tell us something different.  You're not enough.  You're too young.  You're too old.  You're not smart enough.  You're not thin enough.  You're not [you fill in the blank].  We hear this inner narrative long enough and it becomes self-filling prophecy in our lives. Sisters of the Crown’s mission is to help all women feel empowered to grab hold of the absolute truth in our lives: We have a God-given identity that is valuable and we all have great worth.  As many of you know, when you are crowned the personal exchange with you and the Father puts a seal around your heart making you aware of how He really sees you.  The actual crown then serves as a reminder when the world tries to tell you otherwise.

You have heard several stories from some of the amazing women in the Sisterhood over the last several months. These women’s stories are inspirational and hopefully they have given you a spark to take a deep look at the royalty inside of you.

Because, Lovelies, You Are Royal! The End.

Praying this morning that you would be ravished by His Beauty and Joy all around you and especially in your heart.  Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking.  O Lord, my God, your greatness takes my breath away, overwhelming me by your majesty, beauty, and splendor.




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