Canvasses of Our Life

Each day we paint a new canvas that goes into our art gallery. Some are great works of art; others are cloaked with a veil while under construction. God is the curator of our gallery and He helps us set up the best exhibit to profile our best life. With each canvas we depict our human condition here on Planet Earth – the great works of art and those waiting to be repurposed with His redeeming blood.

The beauty of our art is the fact that we can always paint over the top of a work of art and create a do over. Paint is not permanent! It can be wiped away with the stroke of the brush. As the brush swipes over our canvas what awaits . . . a fresh canvas ready for our next masterpiece.

That is the story of our lives. We always have the opportunity for a do-over. Those things we have done that cause shame or embarrassment can once brought to the Father’s feet be wiped away with the stroke of the brush, never to be remembered again. The most important step is after the Father forgives you - you must forgive yourself.

Some of our great works of art reveal a sacrifice of gratitude to the Father, thanking Him for what He has done in us, through us, and with us. Those are some of His favorite masterpieces. When all is said and done, and we come to the end of our art exhibit on this earth and look back at the gallery of walls, it is the delight of the Father to see only the masterpieces that His masterpiece created.

There is greatness in each of you, works of art each day to be displayed through you by creator God.




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