But I do have a gift. I recognize beauty...and I was raised to see beauty everywhere from the simple to the elegant. I first thank God for giving me that gift (to notice and recognize beauty) and then my Mom for seeing and nurturing that gift in me. She was my biggest cheerleader when it came to capturing the essence of beauty with my camera. Even now I can see her beautiful smile from heaven’s portals, cheering me on, so happy that I am living my passion.

I can’t always make something look beautiful like she did but I can “see” beauty. It is as if my eye is naturally attracted not just to colors, but light and shadow, textures and shapes. When I am exposed to beauty, in whatever form; whether a beautiful table setting or flower arrangement, a gift basket, sewn fabrics and textures, food plating, wood carving, landscaping, watercolor, bead design, wood-burning, the way boat ropes might just be sitting on a dock, or when I see the “essence” of a person, the eyes, the face, the way the hands move, the graceful way someone runs or skips or dances. The way a bride and groom see each other for the first time and then obviously there is all the magnificence and beauty and wonder on display in creation. The shimmering of diamond-like reflections as light dances on the water, puffy white clouds set against a deep blue backdrop, the snow capped peaks and “rocky cathedrals that reach to the sky”, uniquely shaped sea shells washed up on the beach, radiant colorful sunsets on distant horizons, and the intricate designs of the vast array of wildflowers scattered along a roadside so easily overlooked. But in my heart I am undone, often in just the “seeing” I am overwhelmed, something happens deep inside my chest, and I find my heart about to burst and it begins to leak and then tears become my expression of worship for the One who created all of this beauty.

My camera happens to be the instrument I use to express what I see, and it is my “passion” to capture and share the essence of that beauty. I’m not even sure all the reasons why I am so compelled, except maybe, mostly, it is because I want to share what I see with another, so that they too can have an opportunity to see something they may not have seen before, and just maybe something deep will happen inside their chest, and something will leak out and they will worship too. 

We are all made in His Image. We are made to “savor” beauty .just like our Creator. I have the gift of “seeing” but so do you! There is something deep inside all of us that longs for beauty, that reaches for it, to witness it, to touch it and to “savor” beauty and our response can only be to fall on out knees and worship the One who made it all.

God “SAVORED” the beauty and the goodness that He created. He still does. IT IS HOW HE SEES YOU! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING AND HE SAVORS YOU! What an amazing thought that can rock your world and change how you might see yourself if you let it! Let it open your eyes. Take in and savor all you see around you and within you that is good and beautiful!

Then God surveyed everything He had made, savoring its beauty and appreciating its goodness. Genesis 1:31 (TVT)

Vicki Sandage (aka - Queen Victoria)


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