Awe & Wonder

These times and so many more like them have been moments of Awe and Wonder. They give opportunity to stop, give thanks to our Creator God who made these “ just for me” to enjoy and take pleasure in,

You are the very Crown of His Creation.. His Most Glorious of all Creations… His Masterpiece, His Poetry. We rarely consider ourselves in this way.

When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see that we have each been created so beautifully, so intricately in our mother’s wombs, with amazing personalities, unique talents and gifts, a “one of a kind”, an original masterpiece. He fashioned us to be a carrier of His Presence, a Light-Bearer, Bearer of His Image, and the very expression of His Beautiful Heart. Do we see that we are created with a destiny that is wrapped up in His Great Love Story on the earth,. One we play a vital role in the restoration and redemption of mankind!

More often when we take a look at ourselves, we focus our attention on our imperfections, our physical traits and struggles,, the things we don’t like about ourselves, our frailty. our limitations. our mistakes, our pasts, our position in life, how we aren’t measuring up, and our small stories. 

Rarely do we see what God sees when He sees us!

When He sees you the very Crown Of His Glory you TAKE HIS BREATH AWAY! HE BREAKS OUT IN SONG AND STARTS DANCING!

I wonder what that looks like! The God of the Universe Dancing Over Me? Is He doing His own version of the “ moon-walk” upon the surface of one of the billions of moons in the cosmos that He created? Or is He break dancing to the incredible beats and rhythms of heaven that we have yet to hear the likes of? Or is He twirling over me...and birthing new galaxies with His wind-filled dance? Or is He gracefully waltzing perfectly around the sun (SON) or the universe with Holy Spirit creating new songs as He sings over me?

Can you even imagine how He feels when He considers how amazing you are? 

Can you begin to believe how amazing you are?

Can you open yourself to the possibility that you are breathtaking?

Ask Him to help you believe, to see. Put your hand in His and be prepared to be amazed, as He leads you to the dance floor to be in AWE & WONDER of His Creation...YOU!

The Eternal your God is standing right here among you, and He is the champion who will rescue you. He will joyfully celebrate over you; He will rest in His love for you; He will joyfully sing because of you like a new husband. Zephaniah 3:17 (The Voice Translation)

Invite you to experience Awe & Wonder this month either in group community or experience it on your own. Resources are available at

Vicki (a.k.a. Queen V)


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