At His Table

In the summer of 2019, I was not feeling right. I delayed going to the doctor because we had so much going on in our family including the death of my father-in-law. By the time fall rolled around I knew I had to schedule an appointment.  My doctor ran a series of tests and the results indicated an issue with my liver. They wanted to schedule an ultrasound. As soon as I got to the car and called my husband, he said with a very calm, firm voice, “Tonight, we start taking communion and standing on the blood for your healing.”

I went for the ultrasound and they ended up finding a lesion in my ovary. They ordered another blood test and a different ultrasound.  When I went back to the doctor’s office for those results, she said my liver was completely normal. She had no explanation for the shift because it had only been a week since my initial bloodwork.  Amazing news!  But then in the same breath she said the lesion in my ovary was very dense and she wanted to refer me to a specialist.  

More tests. More bloodwork. More confirmations that something was not right in my ovary. Cancer was a real possibility. We continued to stand on my healing. God had already healed my liver, so I knew my healing manifestation was on the way.  

The morning I had another test to check out my ovary, I was walking our dog and I had a vision the Lord was flushing this foreign thing out of my body. I felt a cleansing going on. When I went for my next test, the lesion was gone!  Amazing news again! But then she said they saw something suspicious in my uterus.  The doctor came in and said they found a growth and wanted to do a biopsy. Again, our faith was put to the test.

Two weeks later at my appointment, the doctor walked into the room and said those wonderful words, “No cancer!” I got up and hugged her and told her that God had completely healed me.  

What did my journey back to wholeness through the power of communion change in my life? It changed everything! It brought me to a place of complete child-like faith in Him. As adults, we try to reason and search for answers for everything and sometimes we forget the simple truth.

Jesus was brutally beaten so we would have the right and privilege to walk on this earth with wholeness in our bodies. This is something we all know. But what the Lord really illuminated in my heart was why would the Father have gone through the deep pain of watching Jesus scourged and crucified if He wanted us to live with sickness and disease? It really comes back to having the faith of a child to know that I have pain (or whatever it is) and it doesn’t belong, so God I am giving it back to you—without reasoning, questioning, or doubting.  

Now, when I approach the communion table, I see myself as a three-year old crawling up into the Father’s lap and talking to Him in very simple language. I am filled with a simple faith because I know who He is and what He has already done for me.




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