Are You Stuck?

Are you stuck? Are you believing what your subconscious says about you and the self-fulfilling prophecies you keep repeating over and over?

Getting unstuck is much easier to say than do! It takes commitment and hard work. If you feel stuck there is hope. Ask yourself what is keeping you stuck. Once you clearly identify the reason, commit to changing your mindset and visualize yourself getting unstuck. Be fierce about letting go of any victim mentality that is holding you back. Finally, create new, healthy behaviors and rid yourself of your old patterns.

It is time to throw self-doubt in the trash where it belongs and adopt an optimistic outlook on your life. Commit yourself to the process, saturate yourself in prayer, and invite the Holy Spirit to be your advocate--and you will get unstuck. Find a little inspiration on this Thursday's podcast as Adrienne Tietz shares her journey to getting unstuck.