Awe & Wonder of Creation

Points of Meditation from Psalms and Proverbs (The Passion Translation)

Be in awe before his majesty. Be in awe before such power and might! Come worship wonderful Yahweh, arrayed in all his splendor, bowing in worship as he appears in the beauty of holiness. Give him the honor due his name. Worship him wearing the glory-garments of your holy, priestly calling! Psalm 29:2

Worship in awe and wonder, all you who’ve been made holy! For all who fear him will feast with plenty. Psalm 34:9

You answer our prayers with amazing wonders and with awe-inspiring displays of power. You are the righteous God who helps us like a father. Everyone everywhere looks to you, for you are the confidence of all the earth, even to the farthest islands of the sea. Psalm 65:5

O God, to the farthest corners of the planet people will stand in awe, startled and stunned by your signs and wonders. Sunrise brilliance and sunset beauty both take turns singing their songs of joy to you. Psalm 65:8

Charm can be misleading, and beauty is vain and so quickly fades, but this virtuous woman lives in the wonder, awe, and fear of the Lord. She will be praised throughout eternity. Proverbs 31:30

To worship God in wonder and awe opens a fountain of life within you, empowering you to escape death’s domain. Proverbs 14:27

Yahweh is King over all! Everyone trembles in awe before him. He rules enthroned between the wings of the cherubim. So let the earth shake and quake in wonder before him! Psalm 99:1

In Awe We Wonder Points of Reflection

Let's take time to gaze and marvel at the absolute miracle of creation. It is vital to our soul to absorb what He created as our playground as it completely reflects the multiple facets of His personality. The awe of creation is a pathway to intimacy.

Meditate on these questions:

Do I live a lifestyle amazed by who God is or is He just my morning routine and forgotten about after we’re out the door?

Have I noticed that I have gratitude for God when things are going well then I struggle to trust Him or even turn to Him when things go wrong?

God intricately wove together creation — things I often take for granted. When is the last time I was filled with awe and amazement at who He is and all of His glory?

Take time to sit and be still for a moment meditating on the handiwork of our Creator. We all desperately need to be reminded of the greatness of our God. What did you discover?

The magnificence of Creator God needs gratitude. Take time to thank God for all He has made and reflect on what God’s creation reveals about the Creator. Write down what you discover.

Lift your vantage point from the ordinary to gaze on the magnificence of an extraordinary Creator.




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