All We Need is You Lord by Megan Kasper

Today's Blog is a Prayer from Megan Kasper, Sisters of the Crown Blogger

Dear Father,

We thank You and give You the glory for, You are our God! I declare over my sisters that there be a peace and grace to know that You are the God You say You are, our Father, our Friend, our Helper, our Source and our Lover. All we need is in You and all our hope is in You.

I pray that our ears, eyes, heart and minds be attuned to Your Shepherd voice and know you will provide for more than we can ask or pray for, as You are a good God, desiring good and the best for our lives. Please give us the mind of Christ for ourselves, for our families, for our friends, and even for those who would be our enemies, as we can’t do it on our own.

We ask for Your higher way as we walk through the difficult days and even on the pleasant days, as we desire Your presence to be first and foremost in our awareness no matter what. Lord bless us again, keep us in You and show us Your unique plan of Your heart with clarity.


Megan Kasper



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