A Grateful Heart

I am overflowing with deep gratitude for the women in my life. As the leader of an organization that is run by women and for women, women are constantly in the forefront of my mind. I’m honored to serve with a wonderful team. We are all vastly different, each with our own unique personalities and anointing. In the natural, we are not an ideal match, but God has knitted our hearts together for such a time as this. When I was in my early teens my mother told me, “Ingrid, everyone is not going to like you, so don’t try to win them over. At any given time about 75% of the population is not going to like you or can be convinced not to like you. Spend your time and energy on the 25% who will!” This has been my lifelong relationship compass. Women often have challenges getting along with other women. As a culture there is so much coming against our relationships. Independence, identity issues, ego, competition, insecurity, intolerance, indifference, and judgment all affect how we relate to other women. When God brings us together in divinely appointed relationship something supernatural happens. He gives us grace to bond. Relationships are meant to challenge and provoke. They help shape us into who God created us to be. If you are in the camp of not liking women or preferring not to find bonded relationships with other women, I encourage you to search your soul. These relationships are not optional; they help us become who God created us to be. My tapestry of women, all unique, help move me where God has destined me to go. Each has a unique role. At the center of my tapestry is my spiritual rock. She understands me like only my natural mother ever did. She knows my inner workings and gives me the liberty to fail big in such a safe environment. She chooses not to tell me in words what to do but instead guides me through discovery. She is the gentle force underneath my wings cheering me on and championing me all the way. And most of all, she models joy exquisitely and that is a priceless gift. I encourage you to look and reflect on the women in your life that are your 25%. Don’t take these women for granted. You never know how many opportunities in life you will have to express your gratitude. After all, expressing your gratitude has more to do with opening your heart to more of the Father and a posture of thanksgiving than it does letting them know how much they have changed your life. Gratitude is essential in a spirit-led life. We really cannot be fully alive without a grateful heart. So grateful for you all!

Warmly, Ingrid


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