Culture of Honor

A culture of honor is something Sisters of the Crown holds in high esteem.  We believe every person deserves the right to be treated with honor and respect and that showing honor is more about the condition of our heart then the worthiness of the receiver.  Jesus modeled this so beautifully countless times when He chose to honor those who were undeserving.

Terri Sullivant, Spiritual Advisor to Sisters of the Crown, has written a book entitled “The Divine Invitation” Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive.” One of the chapters in Terri’'s book discusses honor.  An honor culture is something Terri, and her husband, Michael, beautifully model in their marriage, home, ministries, careers, family, and relationships.  If the Science of Honor was a university degree, Terri and Michael could pen the textbooks.

In Terri’'s book she says, “I believe honors starts in our thoughts. If we think honorably, we will be able to show honor to others with the kind of respect, esteem, and affirmation they are worthy of. First and foremost, honoring God sets the context for honoring others who are made in His image. Honor makes its way from thought to speech to action. Honor requires that we protect our thoughts, guard our mouth, and be prudent about our behaviors.

In monarchies like Great Britain, honor is shown by kneeling, bowing, curtsying, bestowing honorable titles or awards – tangible acts that confer respect and recognition of honorable character and deeds. We do that in our culture by giving awards or recognition, not through physical postures and behaviors.

Today, I’'d like you to use your imagination a little bit. Imagine Jesus kneeling before you. In His right hand, He is carrying His sword, the sword of the spirit. The Father is standing behind Him sharing His thoughts about you. Jesus takes the sword and taps you on the left shoulder, then the right. He calls you by name and says, “You are mine, my beloved daughter, my precious bride, my dear friend. Here are the things I love about you!.” (Listen to what he says to you. Let His thoughts pour into yours. Don’t judge it just receive it. Write it down, then repeat it aloud and share it with others if you can.)

I honor you and bestow upon you, my Maid of Honor, the ability to carry yourself with dignity, to be free of shame, think honorable thoughts, speak honorable words, and behave in honorable ways. Receive my honor for you today, and go, honor everyone else in your world in like manner.”

Feel honored today, Royal Daughters!




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