The Coronation

Every woman who has made Jesus her personal Lord and Savior became at that moment a co-heir in the Father’s Royal Court. Through our spiritual rebirth, we are adopted into THE royal family. A Coronation experience is an acknowledgement of our birthright as Sisters and Daughters of the Crown. 


When we pass from this earth, we will trade our earthly crown for our permanent heavenly crown. But until that moment comes when we are called home to be with our Royal Father, we have a visual reminder with our earthly crown of what it means to be His royal heir.

We are daughters of the most powerful monarch in the universe. So, what does it mean to be Royal? You have been given position for a divine purpose. You have been given authority over the enemy and principalities of darkness. You have true identity. Your worth is measured by your spiritual bloodline and not what you do. And you have been given vision for the future.  The most important part about being royal is when our crown slips, God is right there to straighten it and put us back on track.

The only criterion for a receiving your crown is a heart that is open and willing to experience the more God has for you.


Those in our community who have been through trials, battles, weariness, hopelessness, trauma, fear, anxiety, and more after their coronation experience God wants to remind you who you are and Whose you are. We have seen our sisterhood faithfully persevering through hard situations and still standing with their crown. Their identity has suffered many attacks; their self-worth, value, and honor have been severely tested. If you have been bruised on the battlefield and need an infilling from the Father, we invite you to lay your pain at His feet while the Father’s love embraces you. Allow His love to lavish your heart with healing and set you free as He re-awakens the absolute truth of your identity as a Royal Daughter. Soak in worship as the Holy Spirit ministers new hope, resurrection life, and power to your heart. Pray the re-coronation prayer as you lay down your crown. After pledging your allegiance to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, place your crown upon your head as you give thanks to the Lord for your re-coronation. We are praying for an overflowing of His blessing and healing to saturate your heart.

Re-Coronation Prayer